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COMPANY / the story and the mission

Dolmen Spa, over 30 years of experience...
Born in 1979 from the idea of two brothers: Davide and Pietro Giananti and quickly developed becoming an important reality in Italian tanning outline. Three factories, each one with a different specialisation: reptiles, skins with or without hair - 100 employees - being leader in their job, 3000 sqm that in 2003 will become 12.000 sqm grouping in 1 building the three operative seats.

Dolmen Spa, a company in continuous evolution, whose watchword is never ending research.


A tight and inseparable shape and substance find their reason to be in the material itself. Knowledge and innovation, style and tradition make the Dolmen company a leader in the tanning field. The combination between antique craft's men skills and great creativity made possible the production of a high quality line, that foresees every fashion trend. The inclination towards innovation expresses itself by the choice of materials and by a "memory- style" processing. Noble materials for high quality products that are transformed respecting and exalting over the time the preciousness of the skins and the essence of their nature.



Dolmen Spa is successful company in the tannery district of Santa Croce which is one of the main realities in the field of leather processing in Italy and internationally. In the district is concentrated about 35% of the national production of skins.
Right in the tannery district of Santa Croce was born Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale (Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium), this part of Tuscany between the provinces of Florence and Pisa is the only Italian region where it is produced vegetable tanned leather of high quality. An ancient process that, now as then, uses only extracts of wood for the tanning process.



Chrome tanning is by far the most used. Chrome tanned leather can be used for a variety of uses (especially leather goods, clothing, furniture). The Dolmen's skins after this type of tanning are waterproof, soft and elastic to the touch, in addition the color remains unchanged over time. At the beginning the customers were only Italian, but with the success of "pony" and reptiles Dolmen's customers became international too. And we try to satisfy everyone's request: from the small company to the important international griffe that finds in Dolmen's materials the right inspiration for their own collections.
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The attitude to innovation, expertly mixed with stylistic research and respect for tradition, has made possible a production of high quality, who knows how to respond to the demands of the fashion industry and the most demanding customers, thanks to a system of production and organizational always in line with the most modern and effective solutions. In addition to the quality of its products Dolmen also considers priorities the health and safety at work and the environmental protection...
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A pool of technicians is always on the job to find new solutions. Continuous research for products unique and unmistakable.
The working process is made almost completely in the tannery to grant the exclusivity of the ideas, from the creation of patended leathers to the long stylistic research of pony to the artistic hand made creation of reptiles. But very often the technology gives way to tradition, as for the tannage, which is made as in the past. Because at Dolmen we think that a faster work is to the detriment of quality...
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